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1985civic (scotland uk) (email:

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Greetz; (Birmingham,Al) (email:

I\'m old. My car is old. I\'m not rich in money but rich in trying for myself to do everything. I\'ve had my car since it was new and it still does pretty good. I\'m not doing as good as the car. I drove a flatbed oversized load big truck for 34 years. Every mile alone. I finished college while driving as a landscape designer from Auburn. Now my body is broken down and doesn\'t want to bend so good. I am the one who has to work on my car so anytime I ask for help, I need the answer in slow understandable words. I\'m not stupid but I don\'t always know what a part or system is called. Thanks all for all help. I\'m just telling you now just in case I forget later. (hacked) (email:

Hacked by risk-master
Hack devr-i bitmiştir..

A20A3 (Harvey) (easton, MD) (email:

hondas are my life.

Abe Postigovich (LA) (email:

77 Honda CVCC ED3 (Indiana) (email:

I am the proud owner of a 1988 Acura Legend 5 speed couple that is as close to showroom condition as I believe a completely original car can be. I am the second owner and have owned the Legend since 1998. Since it was new the car has been stored winters and has only been driven in the rain approximately two dozen times in its 26 plus years and 96,000 miles. More information and pictures will follow in the coming days. (Indonesia)

I have Honda Civic 2nd Generation that will be restoration (Indonesia)

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Honda Civic 1981 (Salem Oregon) (email:

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I have a 77 CVCC that I daily drive and I have built my Daughter a 78 CVCC for her first car. (harlow) (email:

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hear is my lonesome accord as very rare in england dvla show only three left in england , two of which are currently sorn,i guess the scrappage scheme and rust has seen there demize over hear,
its great to see you all appreciate classic hondas,
i\'ve found them very reliable and fun with good handling ,
which has given me pleasure like no other affordable car i have owed,
alot of cars over 25 years driving happy to recover this one from the crusher,
had new seals and floor, paint, full service filters, oil &fluid change,cleaned carb,grease up, costing me in total £1200,
thats not bad for a gem of a car! (Nasville, TN) (email:

2000 S2000 red w 1,800 miles
2008 s2000 CR black with 625 miles

lokking for AN S 600 to purchase. Cash on hand. (Los Angeles, CA)

Three Honda S600s

More Info - pictures/honda.jpg amaury (West New York N,J) (email:

See this Collector's car(s) » (NH) (email:

Volvo and Honda collector. (Alameda, California USA) (email:

1989 Prelude 2.0 Si (front wheel drive) AT; 184,400 miles; same
owner (non-smoker) since purchased new; well cared-for and maintained; re-painted 2006 (original color: Polar White) new sound system, including Blue Tooth, installed 2011; windshield replaced 2012; passed smog, September 2012. FOR SALE $3,800.
Located in Alameda, California (SF East Bay Area). (MALENY, AUSTRALIA) (email:

I HAVE A HONDA ACTY 1983 MODEL (netherlands EU) (email:

Owner and driver of N Z S Honda's (Aberdeen,So Dak.) (email:

1982 civic 1300FE 5spd hatchback,1983 civic 4dr 1500 auto (Florida)

2004 Honda Civic Si Hatchback (sugar hill GA)

from 94 del sol to JDM 95 integra 4 door too 77cvcc

Bernard Klinger (Valley Stream, NY 11581) (email:

1982 Honda Prelude for Sale, 62000 mi. Gray w/ marroon interior plus extras

Betty (Tennessee) (email:

Own a 1981 Honda Accord LX

More Info - pictures/dsc00957a.jpg (Bellevue, NE) (email:

See this Collector's car(s) » (Seattle) (email:

1977 Accord CVCC 5 speed.

Bill Seymour (Oregon USA) (email:

I own a 1965 S600 Coupe, a 1992 Accord Wagon, a 2010 Insight and numerous motorcycles (1960-1982) along with a first year HR17 mower. (Maryland) (email:

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1978 Honda CIVIC CVCC with 22k original miles in white. 100000% mint, immaculate, flawless, perfect in every way. Concourse condition. never seen rain, never in direct sunlight, over 13 hand laid 100% Brazilian Pure White Carnauba wax with 15 coats White Carnauba Polish. Looking to add another Civic to my collection, possibly from this site. I have well over 1200 hours in meticulous and exacting detail in my restoration. An example of my craziness is even the seat springs UNDER the seat foam have been cleaned and on and on. It is mint 100000%. In now 16 years I have yet to find one even close. There is not one micron of a rust spot or bubble. I even spent over 6 hours polishing the INSIDE of the gauges to perfection with Rhodite polish so the speedo and fuel lenses are perfect with no hazing. Thanks to the many who have commented and to those who have asked about buying the car. Yes, I would possibly sell it but please contact me personally first. I am a former Concourse Level Judge with the PCNA (Porsche Club North America)and this car is 98 point for originality and 99 point for condition. Not some \"9 out of 10\" homemade scale, but a true 99 point car. I sincerely, with respect to all other first gen civic owners, doubt there is another on this condition...and yes I have seen the ones in Torrance, California (Honda HQTRS)and the smaller Honda museum in Ohio to verify. If someone has a first gen civic this nice, please contact me as I would consider buying yours possibly. Thanks everyone and I love this forum !! (Seattle)

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I'm an avid outdoorsman who wanted a higher clearance vehicle that got great mpg and was cheap to buy. I've been driving my 1982 Civic sedan for over 3 years now. It has a custom aluminum skid plate and I put studless snow tires up front for added traction on mixed gravel logging roads. (Riverside, CA) (email:

See this Collector's car(s) » (Houston) (email:

1981 prelude
1997 odyssey (N. Georgia) (email:

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I am building a steam engine-V4 with a 1000 hp heat exchanger that is fired with H2. It will produce 1500 psi steam. The V4 will deliver 1000 ft lbs of torque. Direct drive to the front axles.
Plenty of torque. Heading out to Bonneville in Sept 2012. (Williamsburg, VA) (email:

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I am an aircraft mechanic, with little or no car experience (doesn\'t mean I can\'t fix them, just don\'t know what the symptoms would be leading to in most cases) I just found and bought a 1980 Honda Accord LX, that the previous owner kept in a garage for 16 years and when I got the car it only had 93 K

Boston (North Carolina)

I own a 1983 honda civic 1300 4 speed with 150,xxx original miles (Roseville, CA) (email:

I own a 77 Honda Accord. It passes smog and gets 31mpg. It has a new clutch.

Brad (England) (email:

Classic car lover and a lover of all round retro stuff (london) (email:

i am selling a 1989 honda civic 1396cc,the milage is fantastic only 16,358 geniune miles on the clock with a full service history and one owner,an old lady that lives abroad,she sold the car to me but i dont really have a chance to drive it,it is an automatic,there are a few facial dents,1 on the passenger door and a small scrape on the left wing,but the damage is minor really and could be done in a garage for a couple of hundred pounds,so if anyone is interested to give this old beauty a good home then you can either email or call me direct on 07583411478 or email and i will get back to you,the price of the car can be haggled with other than the facial damage,the engine is perfect,and with only 16,000 miles on the clock it hasn\'t even been broken in properly (California) (email:

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Brock (Prnce George, British Columbia, Canada) (email:

I am in Prince George British Columbia and have two 1977 Civics, one is a cvcc 5 speed fully restored, and a 1200 automatic fully restored ()

1974 Civic on 1989 RT4WD wagon pan. (hamilton ontario canada) (email:

I personally have been Hondas for the last 14 years . I have had a shop for the last ten to which I started on my own and learned how to paint weld and swap engines. I have the biggest largest parts inventory for the second generation crx in my area and have started collecting certain cars for fun.
Currently have over 20 Hondas and yet only one vintage 82 accord ... miss my old first gen civics which i regretfully sold this last year. Looking for a new one.

chapala (Dallas) (email:

I'm a proud owner of a 76 civic cvcc. with very little miles

Chas (Kansas City) (email:

1980 Civic DX AT (royal blue), 1981 Accord 4dr MT (silver; daily driver)

chatmanlauren (Denver, Colorado) (email: chatmanlauren)

I am restoring my 78 Honda cvcc. I always appreciate any resources for parts and information thanks!

Chris (Los Angeles) (email:

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I have a 1979 Accord 4-door, low mileage,unrestored and completely original, with Hondamatic transmission.

Chris J Brickner (Omaha Nebraska) (email:

Purchasing a 65\' Honda S800. I need a Engine&Transmission. Please Contact me @ 402-201-7009. Located in Omaha Nebraska, will\'n to Travel. (Sweden Stockholm) (email:

Honda Parts / Service since 1982

christopher (France) (email:

I live in france and I'm a fan of Honda.

I had many honda :

- a fith generation civic (hachtback)
- a Sixth generation civic (coupé)

and i've got now a fourth generation civic (sedan)

My dream is to have a first generation accord !

Chuck (Phoenix, AZ) (email:

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1981 Honda Civic Wagon, 57,xxx miles.
1993 Acura Legend Coupe 6spd, 30,xxx miles. (Ohio) (email:

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Collector of Civics - 1989 and 1990 CRX (SI and a HF), a 1979 Civic CVCC and 1990 Civic SI

Cindy McMahan (South Carolina) (email:

I just purchased a 1973 Honda Civic SB1. I\'m hoping to pick up a few replacement parts and maybe good advice as I begin to apply the TLC on this little gem. (arizona) (email:

I bought my 81 civic wagon for $100 from a old lady that had passed away. she was the original owner and had all the regular maintenance done at the dealership for the last 30 years. Its the best $100 i every bought! I had paint and body done to it, and want to replace the 2speed hondamatic with a 5speed.

More Info - pictures/pic_civic gl sedan83_1_83civicsedanin2004.jpg Colin Kennedy (Cobourg, Ontario.) (email:

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More Info - pictures/brochure_convertibleprelude.jpg congtusau ()

See this Collector's car(s) » (Vancouver, Canada) (email:

1982 honda prelude.

Craig (Oklahoma City) (email:

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I work in the used car department of one of the largest Honda Dealerships in OKC. My wife and I have owned several Hondas since we've been together. When I first met her she was driving a 95 Civic she got when she graduated from high school. Since then we have owned 2 03 civics, 91 accord, 92 accord, 02 Odyssey, 05 Accord, 07 Ridgeline, 06 Acura TL, 94 Accord wagon and my pride and joy a 87 Accord LXi Hatchback. Love them Hondas!

Craig Repanshek (Oklahoma) (email:

I have worked for a local Honda dealership since 2007 and have a passion for older Hondas. (South Bend, IN)

1998 Honda Prelude SH 16,367 Original Miles Mint Condition (Oregon) (email:

Looking for a 1980-83 Honda wagon. (Frederick, MD) (email:

Hi, Having grown up with Hondas, and learned most of my car maintenance on Accords, first my father's 1984 sedan, and later his wife's '93 EX, they're what I know best. My search to regain my first car, a 3rd Gen (1986-1989) model has led here. When one does come to hand, it will be my 3rd, having owned first an '88 LX automatic, and then an '86 LX 5-speed. If an '84 or '85 model could be found to fix up for Dad, that would also be wonderful.

Dave Kohn (Long Island, NY) (email:

1972 Honda AZ600 Coupe, 2001 Honda Civic EX 2DR AT, 2007 Honda Civic EX 2DR AT (Shanty Bay Ontario)

Product Engineering at Honda of Canada Mfg.

david escalante (Safford,Az.)

Just started my cvcc journey.I have two \'75 cvcc\'s and a \'76 cvcc. (Somerset) (email:

I own a future classic, (if not already), 1999 Honda HRV 4WD CVT (Oklahoma) (email:

Currently 2nd owner of a 1982 Honda Civic 1500 Hatchback, 5 spd, ongoing project. Custom Wheels, rebuilt front suspension and drive train. Update: Started restoration of exterior...then hit from behind on expressway. Listed as \'totalled\', but I am not sure, haven\'t given up yet, just rethinking.
Previous Hondas: 1981 Accord, 1984 Accord

Demi (Oregon) (email:

Im looking to buy an older 1979 Honda 4 door vehicle. Manual \"Not Automatic\" Must be running and in decent shape. Engine, Body and clean Interior.
Dont mind if there might need to be some minor repairs. As long as its nothing too major. I know enough about these cars to
where I can work on them myself. Not to picky about color. Just need to to be dependable and most important \"Affordable\"

I\'ve been having lots of health issues where money is now very tight. Hence my current vehicle is now in the process of
repossession. I just cannot keep up with the payments. Let alone the maintenance. So I don\'t have a choice.

I really need a vehicle so I\'m not out in the cold, rain and snow this winter. That would make things much worse.
I hope that someone might have a working one their willing to sell.

I\'ve attached a few pics of the type of Honda I\'m looking for.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Derek (Golden, CO)

1970 N600
1972 Z600
1978 Civic ED3 (Brampton, ON, Canada) (email:

1979 Honda Civic 1200 5Speed ( southeast Arizona) (email:

love all things honda. (San Diego, CA)

1984 Honda Prelude (Original owner)

More Info - pictures/img_0228.jpg (Vista, Ca) (email:

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Just bought a 1981 Honda Accord LX. Wish me luck as I start my Honda journey.

Doc (Woodstock,Ill) (email:

Own two 1972 AN600's. One donor to improve (not restore) one daily driver. Currently in the works. Will update and post pics soon.

Donna Hustler (South Lake Tahoe, CA) (email:

I have a 78 Accord. Her name is "Ruby" (Va Beach, Va) (email:

\'81 Honda Civic 1500 GL
\'07 Mazda 3 1.3L

drghondatech (Gilbert, AZ)

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I've been a auto technician for 10 years and have always loved HONDA vehicles. Currently I own a 99 CR-V manual trans 4wd, 04 civic si, and my new pride and joy an 1980 civic dx. (Wake Forest NC) (email:

1977 Honda Civic... In bad shape but the rebuild has started (oakridge Or.) (email:

See this Collector's car(s) » (Gainesville, Ga) (email:

1985 honda wagon

Eggwich (San Francisco, CA) (email:

1977 Honda Civic Wagon

More Info - pictures/honda.jpg ejl2002 (niles, il) (email:

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1975 civic cvcc restored in 05 thru 06. Been fun, but have added 3 kids to the mix, can\'t fit them in here. Time to sell her. (NJ) (email:

99 Prelude 5 speed 242k miles, motor about 100k
94 honda civic dx hatch 5 speed 280k miles

looking for a old carbed honda in decent shape. shoot me an email

Elizabeth J (Arkansas)

Own 1985 Honda Prelude that needs restoring

Ellen (Webmaster) (Middletown, NY, US) (email:

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Became a Honda enthusiast in 1992 with the purchase of my 86 Accord. In 1995 I bought a 95 Accord new and started The Honda Beat newsletter. The newsletter gradually became the web site and went fully paperless in 1999. Most recently I owned a 1980 Prelude which my ex and I restored over many years.

I sold that in 2010 to finance the purchase of my 3rd S2000 (long story why I don\'t have the first two). I miss the Prelude but not as much as I missed having an S2000 for 3 months. When I once again have a house and garage, I hope to own a vintage Honda (or 2 or 3). The holy grail of cars for me is a great condition Civic AWD Wagon :-)

Ethan (sacramento)

I drive an 86 prelude and my labor of love is my 1981 and it's constant battle against California Smog requirements!

More Info - pictures/img_1592.jpg (California) (email:

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1978 Accord (Salem Virginia) (email:

I have a beautifully restored 1981 Civic Wagon. Original interior in excellent condition. Running very well, and a beautifully restored body.
Thanks "This Old Honda" for bringing back a good old memory. (Statesboro, GA) (email:

I have a 74 Honda Civic 2 door and love it. I really want to restore it to its original condition and plan to start soon. It runs great with its new tires. I also have a 73 TR6 and a 65 Corvair. Always something to fix.... (Modesto California) (email:

Vintage car sales. Imports and domestics. Looking for any particualar car just call. or e-mail me.

floord1 (mn) (email:

1982 honda 1500 wagon 160xxx

Francois (Philadelphia) (email:

I\'ve just purchased (2011) my first Honda (Civic 2000) and I\'m absolutely in love with the car. I want to buy an older one.

More Info - pictures/pic_civic82_1_s20100336xi.jpg (Albany, NY) (email:

See this Collector's car(s) » (Colorado) (email:

1977 Honda Civic Hatcback 1.2L (1200) (Las Vegas) (email:

See this Collector's car(s) »

1976 Honda Accord Hatchback

Gija (Serbia)

Honda Civic Wagon 5-speed 1981 (Ontario) (email:

Looking for a 1984 Honda Civic Sedan, mileage not a factor, just a good body. (Laguna Beach, CA) (email:

1982 Civic 1300FE. Original owner purchased in 3/82 from Norm Reeves Honda in Bellflower, CA. Driven for 17 years in the Southwest and then stored indoors in Colorado since 1999. Time warp vehicle with absolutely no rust or body damage ever. Interior is in showroom condition. Original engine with 405,000 trouble free miles. Great little car! (Tennessee)

I\'m looking for a low mileage honda for my first car!! help!! :( (RagTown, Utah) (email:

Big Pig is a 77 CVCC and Lil Pig is a 79 Civic 1200. (michaigan ) (email:

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received this car from a man who brought it back from calif
import from japan might sell to right person. dropped price down to $4350 or best offer. installed battery 3 weeks ago second try and she warmed up nicely. (ST LOUIS)


greasywrench (CALIFORNIA-NORCAL) (email: daddyo2013 at

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1978 & 1979 CVCC

Greg (Switzerland) (email:

See this Collector's car(s) »

I have parts and tech documents to share with others (1st gen Accord, 1st gen Jazz and Acty\'s). Drop me a line for your needs.

Gts*Jason (Muddy Ford, FL)

1982 Honda Prelude (Sac\Nor Cal)

I am restoring a 1978 Civic Cvcc

Guy : 71 N600 Sedan (Vancouver, B.C., CANADA)

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1971 Honda N600 (AN600)
This N600 is early 1971, manufactured 04/70, serial# 1021325, non-syncro transmission, optional pos-a-traction wheels. A great classic Honda!, Over 40 years old and still going strong! (Roanoke, VA) (email:

Proud Owner of a fairly intact 82 Wagon 1500 DX, Auto, Air

Hoghead (Texas) (email:

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Have a 1977 Civic Wagon Named Rusty. (Rochester, MN) (email:

I'm an avid collector and have classic Ford, Chevy, Pontiac, and Honda vehicles including my 87 CRX (Ocala, Florida 34476) (email:

1981 Accord 1983 Civic 1984 Goldwing trike 1986 Golding Aspencade

Irene (Mobile, AL) (email:

Have a 1978 Honda Civic CVCC that I would like to sell, rather than junk. Husband passed away, and I would like someone else to benefit from car or parts!

itsybea (Seattle)

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I am 32. I bought my first car and first Honda in 2008. A 2001 Honda Accord. I traded it in for a Toyota in 2009. My first and hopefully last mistake. I bought a 78 Accord in April that provided me with approximately 11 days of driving pleasure. Then my headgasket blew. I\'m currently fixing her up and can\'t wait to get her back on the road. I have a blog going on the progress with lots of pictures: (new york) (email:

See this Collector's car(s) » (Auburn Wa. USA)

Wish I had kept my origanal fiat 500..... But I have had a honda 600,honda v-t ascott,79 honda wagon, misc. mavericks and a whole bunch of other fun old cars.

James D Clardy (West Point Mississippi) (email:

I have a 1972 Honda AN600 & have been doing Auto Body Work for 30 plus years.

James E. Therrault (Texas) (email:

1982 Civic 1500DX, automatic daily driver
1983 Civic 1300FE, to be restored (Blackpool UK) (email:

This Christmas I recieved the bes present ever my first ever car was bought back for me after I was forced to sell it 8 years ago. It is a 1976 Honda Civic (yellow) which has been kept in storage since the day I sold it. The engine is perfect nd it has only done 56,000 miles I would like to restore it to its former glory so any assistance would be greatfully recieved.

Jared (Christchurch, New Zealand) (email:

I\'m a 25 year old Mercedes-Benz Technician with a lifelong passion of cars.
I currently own:
1972 Honda N360
1985 Honda Civic Si
1990 Honda Prelude Si States
1993 Honda Accord LXi
1965 MG Midget
1972 Triumph 2000
1977 Triumph 2500TC
1972 Austin 1300 GT
1974 Austin 1300 GT

Previous vehicles of interest:
2000 Honda Accord Euro R (Toronto Canada) (email:

1976 CVCC owner. born in 76 and have owned 5-6 1st gen civics in my early 20\'s (96-00). Sadly i wrecked/neglected them all and now immensely regret it. So after a little searching i found a pristine 76... I\'m so happy :) i\'m droping a Supercharged d16 vtec in her and making her pretty... prettier.. (Vancouver, BC) (email:

81 civic 1300 hatchback 5speed maual (SoCal) (email:

See this Collector's car(s) »

I purchased my 81 accord 7 years ago for $350 and has come a long way since then. Been a great car to own. (CT)

1979 Honda 1200 with 99% original parts. Just trying to spruce it up a little (Tuttle, OK) (email:

I have a 1982 Honda Civic Wagon that my dad bought brand new in 1982 and I used to drive it to High School now he gave it to me and I drive it to work.

Jeff (MS, 39202)

Am dealership master tech with 15 years Honda experience. List of cars right now 3/12.
1975 Civic 1200 aka The Little Orange Car
1986 DX Hatchback
1991 EX Civic Sedan
1991 Si Hatchback CRVTEC Turbo
1991 Si Hatchback D16Z6
1993 Si HAtchback
2000 Civic Sedan LX
1990 CRX
1997 EX Accord Wagon
1993 LX Accord Sedan H22
1996 Si Prelude
1995 Integra GSR Turbo
2001 Odyssey

Jeff (Centerville, OH) (email:

I\'ve wanted a first generation Civic since my dad had one in the 80s, finally bought one and will be picking it up the first of April

Jefreeman (Athens, Ga) (email:

Nothing classic yet. Have to get through college before that. Planning on getting a first gen civic wagon and swapping a b-series engine into it. Right now I have an 91\' S10 5spd which will eventually end up with a diesel when it\'s 2.8 burns out.

More Info - pictures/cvccfront.jpg jeremy (Salem Or) (email:

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jeremy robertson (Magalia ca) (email:

I have a 1976 honda civic cvcc hatchback

jermtzu (seattle) (email:

1974 honda civic w/1238cc hondamatic transmission (raleigh,nc) (email:

1977 Accord restored

More Info - pictures/picture848.jpg Jim (Spanaway, WA) (email:

See this Collector's car(s) » (California)

See this Collector's car(s) »

I own an AAA approved auto repair shop in Chino California (25 years). Have owned and repaired many, many Honda/Acura products over the years, Currently own (and drive daily) a 1994 Acura Vigor with 80,000 miles. A beautiful and fun ride with the powerful 5 cyl. inline engine and firm suspension. I\'ve seen 140mph on the way to Las Vegas in the early morning hours!!! (SE PA, NE of Philly) (email:

I have a major collection of first gen Honda Accords 1976, 1977, both cars and parts. Due to health reasons I need to sell these cars/parts. (Anacortes, Guemes Island) (email:

See this Collector's car(s) »

Selling my 1971 Honda N600 $4,800. email for more info and any questions. (Cali)

See this Collector's car(s) »

My old Honda is a 1986 Civic Si
I am 2nd owner, and still have original window sticker and warranty information.
Everything works, Including A/C which has never been converted.

Names Sean,
retired E-4 USMC 0321-A Semper Fi

Joey F. (NE FL) (email:

See this Collector's car(s) »

My name is Jo and I love Hondas. :)

John Pitchford (Powder Springs GA) (email:

1985 Honda Accord LX HB (under reconstruction)
1999 Acura TL
2010 Honda Odyssey

John V (London) (email:

I am in London, England. (Fallbrook, California)

1987 CRX Si all original (medford oregon) (email:

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I have a 1977 Honda wagon that I put a 12a mazda rotary motor in with side draft webber carb made it rear wheel drive

Jose Luis (Santo Domingo República Dominicana) (email:

See this Collector's car(s) » (north jersey)

See this Collector's car(s) »

i love cars (Virginia Beach) (email:

See this Collector's car(s) »

I may only be 19 going on 20 but I have a spot in my heart for older model Honda\'s. I currently drive an 1989 Honda accord LX and I\'m hooked for life. Next car will defiantly 1990 and below Honda. (Otsego/Monticello MN) (email:

Have an old 81 Honda Civic Wagon. (Louisiana) (email:

2006 Acura TL

Julie (Sacramento, CA) (email:

I'm 21 and I need help and advice with restoring my grandma's 1985 honda accord se-i. It sat for several years but only has 90,000 miles and just had transmission replaced among MANY other parts, it's just so hard finding info on this specific model and year..

Justin Whitmer (Colorado Springs) (email:

1976 Civic CVCC (Mi) (email:

See this Collector's car(s) » (Russia) (email:

See this Collector's car(s) »

Keith Hoppes (Boiling Springs, SC) (email:

83 Civic Wagon (Airdrie,Alta,Canada) (email:

See this Collector's car(s) »

Own 1976 Sunset orange CVCC with only 51000 miles which was parked since early 80\'s Changed fluids,belts,tires,carb kit and it runs great.Has only very limited surface rust! what a find (Denver) (email:

I have 2 orange 72 Z600 coupes. The running car is painted up like the "Home Depot #20 car". It is currently in Montana and I will be bringing it to Colorado this summer. I just purchased a non running but complete car that I am considering restoring. (Perth Western Australia) (email:

Owner of 1971 Honda 1300 Coupe 9 (boise, idaho) (email:

I have a '78 Honda civic 1200cc and love the car! It's not in the best shape ever but it's nice. (Chilliwack BC) (email:

i am looking for a yellow 1976 Honda Civic to by please if you have one please email thank you so much

kouros.c.mohit (St. Louis, MO) (email:

My 1987 white Honda Prelude still runs great after all these years. $4000 to a collector's or a Honda enthusiast. (Long Island, NY) (email:

I\'m looking for a good condition Z600 body/chassis to do a custom build with a large, late model motorcycle engine.

Larry (Tollhouse, CA) (email:

My Dad bought the first 1970 Honda N600 in the Central Valley, I was not old enough to drive back then but always loved the lil car he let me drive it once. Now a buddy of mine just gave me a 1971 N600 so I have a project, the engine is torn down and he said he cannot locate the tension gear, but a shop in town will manufacture one. So wish me luck! (washougal,wa)

83 ek1 3dr hatch back beater

Lauri (Brisbane)

I own a 1980 Civic 1300 Hatchback,it was found near Gatton, QLD, Australia. (connecticut) (email:

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Just purchased 1989 Honda Accord Lxi Sedan with only 101000 mi on it runs perfect I LOVE IT!!! ONLY PAID $420.00 seller had to sell fast did not know he was holding a CLASSIC!!! Like they say \"ONE MANS TRASH IS ANOTHER MANS TREASURE!!!\". Boy did I get one Hell of a Treasure!! Yeehaaaaa yippy.. ;-)

More Info - pictures/mvc-633s.jpg (Virginia) (email:

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Desperately seeking parts for my beloved old Honda!

lohssa25 (BC Canada) (email:

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I have a 1983 Civic S 1500 CVCC (south georgia) (email:

full custom 1986 honda accord dx hatchback (OC CA) (email:

looking for a 70's model cvcc to own and use as daily driver (converse TX) (email:

76 cvcc (Michigan) (email:

I was stationed near Tokyo, Japan in 1969 while in the US Army; I was 20 y.o. I bought a 1968 Honda S800 Convertible from another GI for $800. What great memories I have with my first car, ever. I\'m over 6 feet tall, my fingers would drag the ground if my arm hung out the door. My legs stetched out completely. It was right-hand drive, a bit difficult to master. A friend of mine said it\'s like two seats and a gas tank! One time in a drag race, I blew off a 383 Mopar through 3 gears!!! (Chula Vista Ca) (email:

82 civic 1500 GL

Mark Galloway (Maryland) (email:

See this Collector's car(s) » (NYC) (email:

Had a 83 Accord that was pass on to me from my brother. unfortunately the Macf - strut tower was rusted tru & it was still running good at 200,000 miles. looking for 81- 85 accord.

I do have vintage Honda motorcycles - 65 - 450 ,66 CB 160 , 68 305 & 70 CB 175.

Matt @ HYPR (Locash, FL) (email:

Honda SOHC D series lover!

Matteo N360 (Italy) (email:

I own one of the few N360 in italy (oxnard,ca)

I own a 1981 honda civic 1500 gl, the color of the honda civic is yellow. The nickname of the honda civic is pacman because of the color yellow. I\'m very excited of this honda civic that i own is a fun car to drive. I\'m looking forward to meet people that own honda here and someone to help me find few parts for my car. (portugal) (email:

i own an accord from 1981 (northern virginia) (email:

1981 Honda Accord LX hatch. 5spd (Carolina) (email:

mike (Sunnyvale, Ca) (email:

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Mint Condition 1974 Civic 1200, 1979 Prelude, 1978 Accord and 1971 Honda Trail 70 Minibike.

Mike C (Romford) (email:

I am an avid classic car enthusiast and i own a Delorean DMC-12, Ford Puma and a Honda Ballade

Mike U. (CT) (email:

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1984 Honda Prelude (Tennessee) (email:

1984 Honda Prelude
1972 Honda N600 Sedan (Philadelphia) (email:

I have a 1980 Honda Civic Hatchbaback 1500 dx With 028,761 Miles on it Automatic 2 speed.Gray And red inside EVERY THING IS MINT 100% I NEVER SEEN A CAR SO CLEAN.IT SAT FOR 18 YEARS InDOORS .I\'M LOOKING FOR A MOTOR 1.5 Liter EM1 motor. Dose anyone know where I can find a motor????? IF SO CALL ME 215-730-7938 THANK\'S VINCENT.

Mongst (Southern Indiana, USA) (email:

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I try to keep an open mind about most things, but I\'m biased in my love for the many Honda vehicles I have owned over the years. (Houston) (email:

Just picked up an '81 Accord Sedan with more rust than paint (I've already had half a dozen shops tell me I should send it to the crusher)'s gonna be one long restoration process from top to bottom. Wish me luck! (Paso Robles CA) (email:

I have a daily driver 1976 honda Cvcc (San Ramon/Pleasanton) (email:

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I am a smog tech and have two Honda's. A 1975 Civic CVCC and a 1988 crx si. I've been restoring the 75 for four years now and still have alot to go. The 88 has been my DD for nine years and is mostly stock too. please note these cars are NOT for sale! (Texas) (email:

1983 Honda Accord
2005 Honda Accord (STOCKTON CALLIFORNIA) (email:

1978 5 SPEED HONDA ACCORD CVCC (Virginia Beach) (email:

I have four N600 and a lot of parts to get rid of CHEEP!! I love to restore all of them but just do not have the time. One is already almost restored, all original in a garage, three of them in garage the rest under tarps. You must bring a trailer and hall away. Will help load. 757-641-3461 Jim

Nancy Flynt (Wilmington, NC) (email:

I have a 1985 Honda Accord LX.I want to sell it. I love the car, but it,s time. (Santa Ynez CA)

78 Civic cvcc (utica, NY 13501) (email:

I buy and sell mainly crx parts. I Love cars. Owner of a 92 Acura NSX. 89 Honda crx DX 6 speed, 04 XL suburban Z71, Custom Harley sporster 96. 04 Honda Pilot EX.

More Info - pictures/2008-04-19077aa.jpg Neal Beattie (Victoria, BC, Canada)

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Owner of 1980 Accord Hatchback and 1977 Civic. Victoria, BC, Canada. (Westchester NY) (email:

See this Collector's car(s) » (New Jersey ) (email:

Live in south jersey and not to long ago bought a 1976 honda cvcc wagon that I saw,here at this old honda web. And proud to be the new owner of my 76 honda cvcc

Nobu (South Carolina) (email:

See this Collector's car(s) » (Nashville) (email:

1983 Civic Wagon 5-Speed
1967 VW Kombi
1983 Toyota Hi-Lux SR5 4WD
1993 Volvo 245 (Seattle, WA) (email:

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Owner of NW Classic Honda. We deal in all pre-1988 Honda cars, parts, and accessories. 206-940-8173 (WA)

I have an 81 Honda Accord LX 3 Door Hatchback.
It is Hampstead Green and still starts! (Dallas, Texas) (email:

I\'m a 63 year old Bus Driver with a 1989 Honda Civic DX. I\'m always looking for body and interior parts. This vehicle presently has 335,000 miles and still passes inspection with flying colors.

More Info - pictures/pic_accord78_1_015_122.jpg ODoyle (Vermont) (email:

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I've loved those small economy cars since I bought that $50 '83 accord when I was 17. So when I came across this '78, I couldn't pass it up. My only complaint is the radio setup. Only one speaker for the whole car?? (Santa Rosa , CA) (email:

1978 Honda civic 1200 3 door (Dallas tx) (email:

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Hello, My name is Oscar. I am a prowd owner of a 1991 Honda CR-X SiR glasstop, and a 1981 Honda Civic Wagon. (South Carolina)

I bought my first Honda on my 19th birthday on July 5, 2001. It was a 1995 Civic DX. I had that Civic until August 2009 when I totaled it in an accident. I still love the H badge even though I currently do not own one. I am now trying to save the funds to purchase an 83 civic.

Paul Zaremba (Chicago, IL)

Newly-acquired 1989 CRX Si with a blown engine and lots of rust. (Seattle Wa.) (email:

1987 Honda Prelude si (Western PA) (email:

I enjoy Hondas. They are practical, easy to fix, run for ever and fun to drive.
My current vehicles are: 1990 Honda Civic Wagon DX, 2000 Honda CRV, 2010 Honda Fit Sport and a 2009 Honda SilverWing. I sold my 2003 Honda GL1800 GoldWing a few years back

prelude83 (Quebec city, Canada) (email:

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1983 Honda prelude
- Stock engine (only aesthetic custom)
- Completely restored gradually since 1998
Yves Lapointe, Quebec City, Canada

First year of the 2nd Prelude generation 83-87
- 1.8 liter, 4 cyl, OHC, 100HP @5500 RPM
- 107 pound feet torque @4000 rpm
- dual carb KEI-HIN
- 5 speed manual (Ottawa) (email:

1978 Honda civic hatchback (sw MO) (email:

I have a 91 CRX that is mostly done (don't think they are ever completely done), an 89 that is getting put together for the kid in a couple of years if she can lose her teenage attitude, an 89 that is a daily driver for now until it gets its turn in the project line, and a recently obtained 85 that is going to be restored to original. Aside from those we have an SRT4 neon, a mini cooper, a 95 neon, and a couple of beaters for bad weather so we don't have to mess up the good cars, lol. We love our cars! Someday I want am n360 or n600 but that's going to be a while, since some of these projects need to be finished first.

More Info - pictures/civiclow.jpg (Atlanta) (email:

See this Collector's car(s) » (Nashville, TN) (email:

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Owner of a Gen. 1 Accord SE and a Gen. 2 Accord DX sedan. Worked as a Honda salesman for years, now own my own private collection. Always looking for spare "SE" parts for my '81, so drop a line if you have a source. Thanks! (Austin, TX, USA) (email:

I have a 1976 Civic 1200. I'm looking to restore and improve - its currently in ok condition, but I'm looking for advice, help, and a few parts:

Left front fender
Front bumper
Right front fender
Chrome surround for left headlight
Small corner lights
Front seats
Back of back seat
Spare tire rim

I'm really looking forward to getting this car in shape! Slowly but surely.

Ragin600 (Culver City Ca) (email:

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I just inherited a 72 Honda AN600. I\'m so excited. I can\'t wait to show it off on the next motorcycle night. LOL. Don\'t you just love a good scavenger hunt?

rajan5588 (canada)

Honda, and Honda only

Randall Jacobson (Trimont, MN) (email:

Car and motorcycle huggin' shade tree mechanic. I have a rust free 1985 accord hatchback 5 spd (Texas) (email:

1979 Accord Hatchback, 5-speed, 165,000 miles (san diego) (email:

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i have a 1987 civic that i restored for my son. i was the third owner. i had some body damaged repaired and did alot of little things to this car. very clean. it is a salvaged car, because it was to expensive for insurance to repair it. i did some digging and got original used parts and took it to one of my body/paint guys and he did a great job on it. the insurance paid me off and with the money i saved i put in a new a/c unit. i have gotten a few offers on the car. but my son loves this thing. it has about 150,000 miles and runs excellent.

Ray Martinez (Florida) (email:

I have two Honda Civic's one is a 1981 Honda 1300 dx and the other one is a 1983 Honda Civic 1300. Great cars to have fun with. (Moncton N.B.) (email:

Currently own a sweet 1981 Honda Prelude. (Saint Cloud, FL) (email:

See this Collector's car(s) » (Ridgecrest, CA) (email:

76 Honda Accord First year Accords were made. Has good power and looks nice. AC uses 134a. Passed CA smog test in Aug 2009. 31400 on rebuilt engine. VIN no. SJE1009147. Will send pictures. (Hilliard OH)

1989 Civic Si - autocrosser
2000 S2000- Wife's car
1988 Mazda RX7 SE - Daily
1975 Honda CB750K - Regular rider
1975 Honda GL1000 - Resto project

ricbaxter (Atlanta, GA) (email:

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I've had a 78 Civic CVCC, 5 speed; a 84 CRX 1.5, then later in life got a 77 Civic 1200 and a 71 Z600 with in 2 weeks of each other. The 78 CVCC I had in 1982 in high school. Then in 86 I got the 84 CRX 1.5, while in college. In Aug of 2004 I got the 77 Civic and early Sept the Z600. I still own the Z600. I'm always on the look out for early Hondas. I'd absolutely love an S convertible or a 1st gen CRX si. I'm in Atlanta so if you have an early Honda let me know! - Rich (broken Arrow OK) (email:

Honda 600\'s and early civics

Rick (Atlanta, GA) (email:

I have a 1977 CIVIC I'm trying to get back on the road. I'm looking for weather stripping. If any one has an ideas drop me an e-mail

RipCityCivic (Portland, OR)

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1981 Civic 3DR Hatchback

More Info - pictures/100_0980-600.jpg Rippen Griffin (Richmond, VA)

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'79 Honda Accord ~30k miles original miles (Boulder,co) (email:

1987 civic awd 1.5 wagon super sport, 1972 600 sedan (bromley, Ky) (email:

Hi my name is randy. I havent been an avid honda enthusiast for long, a couple years now. my first honda was a 1989 honda civic hatchback, that I then traded for a 1990 civic sedan. Which I traded for a 1991 hatchback. that i had a ton of problems with and couldnt figure out what was wrong with it, so i sold it to a friend who replaced the drive train and still drives it. I now drive a 2000 honda accord coupe, nice sporty little car but im looking to get back into a classic 91 or prior civic sedan. Love those cars!

Robert T (North Hollywood, CA) (email:

I currently have three old Honda's. 1977 Accord Hatch and 1979 Accord Sedan. My fav is my 1985 CRX Si (Charlottesville) (email:

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Owner of a 1981 Honda Civic 1500 DX

Rocco (atl) (email:

79 civic 1200

Rolando (Kissimmee) (email:

Im from kissimmee florida and i have a 72 honda n600. Still looking for parts call if u have extra parts for sale! Thank you

Ron Carlson (Here and There)

See this Collector's car(s) » (Carson City, NV) (email:

Old Guy Car Guy!

Rui Filipe Abreu (Guimarães, Portugal) (email:

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My name is Rui Filipe Abreu I\'m 36 and I\'m from Portugal.
I have a 1984 Accord 1.6 EX and a 1985 Accord 1.6 EX.
These cars are extremelly rare in my country.

Rusty Heaps (Phoenix, Arizona) (email:

1981 Honda Civic Wagon (Airdrie, Alberta) (email:

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1972 Honda Z600 - restoration under way
1967 Honda N360 - currently looking for brake parts
1970 Honda AN600 - Restored waiting for someone to buy and take home and put together
1965 Honda S600 Coupe - Sitting in my garage awaiting restoration
2004 Honda Civic SIR Hatchback - Daily driver (Virginia Beach, VA) (email:

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I own a 1972 Honda Z600 Coupe. (Detroit, MI) (email:

About me I\'m 28 years old and I always been into Honda and now my goal is find a 76 or older Honda to restored and build something to it...I would like either rebuilt the motor or do a d swap into it I live in the michigan area and I would willing to travel the states and country to find what I\'m looking for...and to throw some jdm into a old skool car... (Southwest Michigan) (email:

I used to own an orange 600 Coupe. I bought it used for $400 back around 1978. It was the best car I ever owned! I went online to find another one last year but ended up buying a 2000 Red Honda Insight. I would still like to have my little pumpkin back though! (SF bay Area Ca) (email:

Love Old Hondas

Sarge (Pennsylvania) (email:

Complete restoration of 1985 Honda CRX-dx

Scott King (Palm Springs, CA)

See this Collector's car(s) » (Florida) (email:

1979 3 door civic cvcc (denton, tx)

have 1979 honda civic 1200 hatch

Sebastien (Quebec City) (email:

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I own 2 Accord, 1981 and 83 models. A brown LX sedan. Also a blue hatchback since 2003 in pristine condition! Both in very good condition.

SedanManDan (NC)

See this Collector's car(s) »

Proud owner of the \"HELMET\" (\'72 600 Sedan) since 1981. (West Chazy NY) (email:

See this Collector's car(s) »

I have a 81 honda civic 1300DX i bought for a project car, something about the classic hondas i like. Used to own a 71 honda N600 kick my self for getting rid of it lol. (Owasso, OK) (email:

I own a \'72 600 coupe. (Greenville NC) (email:

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Hello there, always enjoyed
driving and working on these
awesome cars i have owned several models three accords, 2 preludes
and a civic. I currently have this accord right now and
I love it (Virginia) (email:

Info God with 1st gen SN Preludes. (sacramento) (email:

This is the second time in my life I have a honda n600 (Leland, MS) (email:

1982 Prelude. still ticking! (tulsa, ok.) (email:

1979 honda civic 1200

Snow (Washington) (email:

my love and joy is the 78 civic i own and tring to restore. any help and advise would be wonderful. =] (Austin, Texas) (email:

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Just bought a popo green 72 Honda Z600. (Seattle, WA)

1983 Civic 1500DX
2011 Civic sedan (Iowa) (email:

See this Collector's car(s) »

2 Old Civics: 1980 Civic 1500 GL & 1983 Civic 1500 S

More Info - pictures/100_1714.jpg (Euless, TX) (email:

See this Collector's car(s) »

Steve (New Hampshire) (email:

1976 Accord
70,000 original miles
5spd, 1.6

Restoration in progress!

Steve (WA) (email:

Had a 76 Civic 30 yrs ago and need to find another. (Richmond , Va.)

Just sold my \'79 Civic 1200 . Bought a new \'78 while working at local dealer back then . That one got trashed in accident but I have had several others over the years . Been driving 1200s\' only for 34 years . Bought \"new\" 2005 Civic VP from 86 year old woman . Car only has 78,000 on it and it is perfect . \'Kinda strange driving something this large , quiet , smooth that gets better mileage ( 34-36 mpg normal driving , 33-34 @ 80 mph all the way from Va. to Fl. and back !! ) I see this as being my last Honda needed before I\'m planted . I love them !!

Steven (Los Angeles)

Looking for floor mat for my 76 Civic. Any ideas? NOS/Used/New (Minnesota)

1982 Honda Prelude - pristine, original -- great ride. (manchester,NH) (email:

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i have a 91 crx hf that is my current project car. you can see the project build thread here
my other project is an 83 civic wagon, i wont be starting to restore it until my crx is complete to where i want it. and then there is the winter beater which is a 2006 subaru impreza (New Roads,LA) (email:

Looking for a 1982Honda Civic Wagon for sale chep needs to run color silver or red.// Also looking for a 1985 Dodge Ram D-50 Royal color tan.// Both 5 speed (FLORIDA) (email:

See this Collector's car(s) » (Pasco WA) (email:

1983 Honda Accord Sedan. Cream color. (douglsville , ga) (email:

See this Collector's car(s) »

terrell (new mexico)

I have a 86 civic dx hatchback.

More Info - pictures/honda-canary-e.jpg Terry (San Francisco, CA, USA) (email:

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1975 Honda CVCC 78K mi. 4 sp manual transmission (stick) dubbed "The Canary"!


Sadly, I will probably have to sell this sweet little car. She sat in a garage for 25 years... great for the body, but apparently really bad for the engine. I'm the 3rd owner. LOTS has already been fixed on the car in the last 30K miles.

Large picture and more details:

Terry Smith (Detroit Michigan) (email:

I own a 1981 Honda Accord, A 1987 Honda Accord LXi Hatchback, a 1988 Honda Accord DX and last a 1989 Honda Accord LXI (Grass Valley, CA) (email:

See this Collector's car(s) »

I have owned Hondas since 1972 when I bought a new Z600 Coupe. I now own 3 N600 Sedans. One is being prepared to go to Bonneville. I also manufacture and distribute parts for the N and Z600 cars. Check out my website and see let me know what you think. (New Zealand) (email:

My name is Nick. I collect and restore 1960\'d Honda Motorbikes and have just purchased a 1974 Honda Civic to ad to my Honda collection. I owned a brand new one back in 1976 and 1978 as well as a 1st gen and second gen Accord.

Tito Rodriguez (Philadelphia PA) (email:

Ive had three preludes 85,89 and 93 but in my 85 it came with the repair manuel and thats when I seen the first gen and loved it all though it was the mk model showen I wanted one then I found one three months ago by chance in good condistion with low miles its great I love my 1979 Honda Prelude (Temecula Valley, CA.) (email:

I purchased our first Honda, New 1982 Accord lx hatchback from North Hollywood Honda back in Oct. 1981. I paid $9,000 cash. Our second, 1994 Accord lx sedan from Honda of Temecula in June 94. I paid $14,000 for it. We still own the 94 Accord with 180,000 miles and now 20 years old. My son drives it to college daily.

More Info - pictures/027.jpg (Pittsburgh, PA) (email:

See this Collector's car(s) »

Previous and current owner of a number of hondas...most importantly the 1982 honda preludes.

Oringally owned a blue 82 from 1982 to 1992 and unfortunately lost in a rear end collission, totalling the car.

In 2007 picked up an 82 prelude in North Carolina which has been completely restored and finixhed July 2008. Pics of the before and after shown. This car is identical to the one i totalled, my first car - pictured as well.

In 2008 picked up an 81 prelude for a project once the blue 82 is finished. I ended up taking all the parts off and scrapping it...just too much work.

In 2008 picked up another 82, this time silver and it really won\'t need much work...great car, got it from a seller in the classifieds of this great site! Some minor work has been done and all it needs now is a new paint job and it will be finished - shooting for July of 2009.

Additional pictures of my Honda\'s and other cars can be found at

Tommy Won (San Francisco, California) (email:

1983 Honda Civic Wagon automatic (Las Cruces, NM) (email:

I'm not a collector but kept my father's Honda Civic after he died. It's been parked under a tree since 1990, and everyone who sees it comments on it. Many want to buy it, so I'm putting it up for sale. (Ontario, Canada) (email:

proud Owner of an almost mint 1984 civic Hatchback.. All original, just took off the seat covers, that have been there since daY #1 :)
IF YOU IN CANADA AND NEED ANYTHING FOR A 80-87 CIVIC, ask me.. I know where theres 3 sitting... 2 84's and an 85,,, hatchbacks.. (Washington state)

1983 honda civic 1500dx hmt

tumminello123 (Ft. Worth, TX) (email:

Love old Hondas (Spirit Lake Idaho) (email:

I\'ve had a 72 az600, and a 71 an600, about 35 years ago, now I have a 72 AN600, and a 88 Prelude w/270k miles, and it still runs strong, also have a 90 Prelude, that\'s just a parts car. I\'m looking for a D2J5 trans for the 88,the 88 still drives but the trans has a problem, anyone that has a extra trans, \"D2J5\" for sale I\'d be interested in it. The wrecking yards over here (pull-a-part) sells them for $55.oo, when they have them. Thanks (Scottsdale, Arizona) (email:

1992 Acura NSX
1994 Acura Legend
2013 Acura ILX (Orange County CA) (email:

See this Collector's car(s) »

Hi my name is Steve i own a az600 i am trying to restore
And have extra parts car

volfman (Zaporozhye city, Ukraine)

\'1980 Honda Civic - driving everyday!
\'1976 Datsun 610 - total rebuilding (Indonesia) (email:

See this Collector's car(s) »

i work as manager marketing in kencana agrowisata resort in central java indonesia, i have my 28 years old car Honda Accord Executive Blue. (Liverpool. England.) (email:

See this Collector's car(s) »

I have recently become a Honda Civic owner: after being a Citroen .2.C.V. enthusiast all my life. I bought my first Citroen way back in 1955, and I have had a great many of these vehicles, which I modified to suit my taste, I still drive around in my old faithful thatI have travelled the World in since I bought it in 1966.... however I stumbled upon buying this Honda from a Lady very close to my home, who purchased it 34 years ago, its only done a Thousand miles a year since she originally purchased it Speedo reads 35.900.... its neededsome TLC on the inner front wing to bonnet section and a good scubbing down under its wheel arches... and my efforts seem to be very rewarding to my work that I have just finished. (Bremerton, WA)

1980 Honda Accord 3-Door Hatchback - Catherine Brown

More Info - pictures/pic_civic1986_1_img_0016.jpg wizbone (Edmonton, Alberta)

See this Collector's car(s) »

Owner of a 1986 Honda Civic 1500S. (Stafford, Va) (email:

See this Collector's car(s) »

I am the original owner of a 1979 Honda civic cvcc 2door hatchback. Its still in good with a little rust here and there. I plan on restoring it when the prices start rising for this vintage Japanese car. (Olathe, Kansas) (email:

1988 Honda Accord LXI Coupe, Original Owner, 89,645 miles, Like new, excellent condition, All Stock, 120 HP, Silver Metallic Beige, Brown cloth interior, looking for a new owner, that will love and take care of it like I did. (so. cailfornia) (email:

i love honda. reliable and denpenable. very great cars. (south africa) (email:

1983 ballade 1.3 auto (en4)

Zach Audio (Pullman, Wa) (email:

See this Collector's car(s) »

My first car was a 1986 Honda CR-X HF. After driving it for three years and getting into a wreck in the back, I decided to sell it. After a few months without a car, I saw a post on Craigslist for a 1991 Prelude for 700 bucks! there were no pics and the add boasted about the excellent condition of the car. But to my surprise, when I looked at the car it was really a Silver 1981 Prelude. Deciding on the spot that it was the coolest car ever! I \'m just beginning the restore process and would love any advice, or parts!

Zbynek Ryba (Prague, Czechia) (email:

Civic EE9, crx EE8, accord aerodeck, accord MK1, civic MK3 dohc, concerto, shuttle MK2

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