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Gen WeightPrice TrimHPEngine
1 600cc

Honda Z600

This model was 2 doors with hatchback, from 1971-1972. Colors were Orange, Yellow, Olive Green, and Blue. 1971 cars had a five piece rear bumper (flat with 2 little over riders), and the hood prop was hinged in the middle. 1972 cars were modified to meet more DOT specs and these upgrades included retractable seat belts, dash board warning device "Fasten Seat Belt", 3 piece rear bumper, 1 piece hood stick.

- Painted Color
Black (C)
Scarlet (C)
Ivory White (N)
Cloud White (WC)
Gulf Blue (WE)
Ceramic White (WF)
Sierra Gold Metalic (WJ)
Gray (V)
Golden Yellow (XE)
Adria Blue (XR)
Light Scarlet (XM)
Wet Sand Metalic (XT)

- Leather Color
Black (A)
Blue (XL)
Red (XM)
Gray (XN)

- Carpet Color
Red (XR)
Blue (XS)
Black (XT)

The characters next to the colors are the color codes that were used in the part numbers for said parts.

Thanks to Amelia (NOFX) for this contribution!