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Gen WeightPrice TrimHPEngine
1 1984 Coupe 7, Coupe 9 1298cc

Honda 1300

The 1972 Honda 1300 Coupe 7 was a unique car. It was one of Honda's first front wheel vehicles and their first full size model. The engine had flow through air cooling and a fan on the end of the flywheel forced cool air around the inside of the engine block. This heated air was expelled or redirected into the heating duct to heat the passenger compartment - instant heat - no waiting for the 'water' to warm up. Interior heat was also boosted by an electric fan which pulled heat off the exhaust manifold. The engine was also a dry-sump design - no oil pan but instead a pressurized oil tank to gather and air cool the oil. To finish it all off, the electirc fuel pump on the gas tank ensured that 'vapour' lock was non existent. The electrical system provided two complete sets of wiring - one for the left side of the vehicle and one for the right. Should an accident occur, you always had lights. Interior design was impressive. Full gauges including a cable driven tachometer, push button radio, hide away aerial, and glare free gauges made this a truly unique vehicle on the road. This car is now in North America and available for dealership appearances. Visit for more information.